Note: I have neither financial interest in Prestige nor have I bought from them. I've published this strictly as information for fellow Triumph owners. This is reprinted verbatim from their sales literature. Please call them for current pricing as this information is from 1999.

Dear Triumph Enthusiast:

Thank you for your interest in our dashboards. Enclosed is our information sheet, color photographs and order forms. If you should have any questions after reviewing the information, please don't hesitate to give us a call.


PRESTIGE AUT0W00D has been in the business of handcrafting fine British hardwood dashboards and trim for over 15 years. We are America's largest and most respected maker of Triumph dashboards (over 15,000 made and sold!). Using "State of the Art" materials, innovative techniques, combined with "old world" quality craftsmanship, our highly skilled workers take great pride and receive much satisfaction in producing work that’s second to none.

As a very small, detailed oriented shop, we treat each dashboard individually, not in a mass production factory mode. A great deal of highly skilled labor goes into producing our dashboards to a standard that is the highest in the industry. We truly feel that you and your classic sports car deserve it.

Prior to 1990, we were known as Keller Associates a name you may lave heard at a British car meet or advertised in various publications. We are still the same company but now offer our customers fine wood and leather steering wheels and gearshift knobs, "Covercraft" car covers, and various other motoring accessories all at discounted prices to you!


Our solid hardwood dashboards are made from fine hand-selected: African Teak and California walnut. We use only the most highly figured wood. Both are extremely stable and have stunning grain patterns and color. Thousands have been sold, and we have yet to have an unsatisfied customer.

We finish our solid hardwood dashboards with an oil-resin penetrating finish which can not crack, yellow, or peel like dashes finished with inferior quality clear coat surface finishes. This laborious two coat hand-rubbed finish penetrates deeply into the pores then changes from a liquid to a solid, hardening and stabilizing the wood surface. It brings out and preserves the natural beauty of the hardwood while providing superior resistance to wear and marking. The surface is later waxed and polished with extra fine steel wool to a high luster. The beauty with these dashboards are that they look and feel as they are, a rare and beautiful piece of wood. This high luster finish is very easy to maintain by periodically (normal/y twice a year) applying light coats of oil and wax with a soft cloth. It is a simple and quick (10 minute) process with beautiful results every tine. An advantage to this finish is that light scratches and dents can easily be spot repaired. 0il and wax samples are provided with easy to follow maintenance instructions.

All our dashboards are precision machine routed identical to stock for a perfect fit. The glovebox door is "parted" from the surround to produce an exact grain match. It is hung perfectly with a very small even gap. A considerable amount of time and skill is required in hanging the glovebox door. As far as we know, we are the only manufacture who does so. We know of competitors who ship dashboards with unattached doors, without notches provided for hinges and with uneven gaps as large as a quarter-inch between the door and surround. Please do not make the mistake of taking our quality work as the standard in the industry, it just isn't the case.

Dashboards are easy to install with our step by step installation instructions and wire markers.


"For the TR owner who truly wants the very best"

If you want an incredible dashboard that is going to light up the focal point of your TR's interior, this is the dash for you. It's the very best anywhere, at any price. Truly a show piece that will exceed the wildest expectations of the most discriminating customer. Many steps above the factory original in both quality and craftsmanship, we use materials and techniques that are improvements upon the woodwork you see in the best expensive European automobiles. Our high-tech finish, marine epoxy veneering system and overall flawlessness of our highly polished finish and woodwork are far superior.

Our craftsmen are in love with wood. Call us "wood junkies" if you will and because of this we offer to you a most exciting array of exotic hardwoods. It's fun to watch enthusiasts eyes light up when they see what we have to offer. Our hand-selected veneers are always "designer grade" with the most intense color and figure available.

For the "as original" look (which was dark Walnut), we have highly figured Walnut and for the "stock-faded" look, we offer Tropical Olive. In the exotic look we have: African Rosewood, Fiddleback Koa, Fiddleback Mahogany, Pommele Sapeli, Quilted Moabi, Brazilian Rosewood, and Walnut Burlwood. If none of these excite you, we can offer just about anything else you might have in mind.

Onto 7-ply imported Finnish birch diestock grade plywood, we veneer down our prized veneers using an marine epoxy gluing system. This epoxy, originally developed for the boating industry, can withstand extreme temperature and moisture conditions unlike the glue used on the factory original boards. Our plywood is the highest quality being manufactured today. It is constructed with waterproof glue lines that will not delaminate and has no voids. The front and backside of the plywood is faced with a Mahogany crossbanding before the face veneer is applied. This technique is done on all expensive woodwork.

Our finish separates us from all others. It is a very expensive ($80 per gallon), high-tech finish specifically formulated for automotive woodwork and designed to withstand the extremes of heat and cold that can exist in your Triumph. It is unprecedented in its durability and tolerance to the suns ultraviolet light rays. Each dashboard goes through three spray coating sessions. The entire dash including the backside and all edges are finished. This completely seals it like a water-ski, eliminating the problems of moisture damage and veneer/finish peeling that occurs with stock dashboards since only the front sides are finished. After the final spraying session, the dash is oven baked at a temperature much higher than it will ever experience in your car. This is a very important procedure in producing a quality, long lasting finish and is a good test for a sound, well made dashboard. After the baking process, the finish is laboriously fine hand-rubbed perfectly flat, then power-buffed for several hours to au absolutely flawless, mirror-like high gloss (you have to see this finish in person to truly appreciate its beauty). The glovebox door edges, along with all other edges and backside, are accented in dark brown (as original). The instrument identification lettering on time T-250, TR6 and select Spitfire and GT6 models are applied under the top coat for protection against scratching.

These elite dashboards are precision machine routed identical to stock for a perfect fit. The glovebox door is "parted" from the surround to produce an exact grain match. It is fitted with a very small even gap and hung perfectly with stock size chrome plated hinges.

They are easy to install with our step by step installation instructions and wires markers, and requires no special care.


Beware of the low priced, cheap imitations using inferior, short-lasting materials and shoddy workmanship. You may be fooled into thinking that they are a bargain (sight unseen), but you will soon find out that you get exactly what you pay for. Dashboards made of low grade, preveneered, plywood panels and finished with (unrubbed) "hardware store" grade finishes will be lucky to hold up in your Triumph through the first year without developing serious problems, not to mention that they look no better than what the average weekend woodworker could make. How great of a bargain can a dashboard be that has to be replaced after such a short period?.

The quality and craftsmanship of our dashboards are second to none and greatly superior to the mass produced factory boards and competitors. We guarantee that they will exceed your wildest expectations and transform the focal point of you Triumph’s interior, reflecting upon your entire restoration job. Doesn't your TR deserve the best and don't you deserve peace of mind?

Thank you for your interest in our services. We look forward to solving your dashboard needs.



Randy Keller

Dashboard Maker/Owner


SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - We want you to be completely satisfied with your dash order. If for any reason it does not meet or exceed your expectations in any way, please let us know. We will either send you another dash or refund your purchase price and all shipping charges incurred. All we ask is that you notify us within 14 days of purchase prior to return of order, and that the dash is in original condition and packaging.